Make one video and publish it on YouTube

Job ID: 12 – Reward: up to 5000 Tron

Make one video about our website fulfilling all requirements then publish it on YouTube.


  • Video duration: +2 minutes
  • Video quality: +480p
  • Description: include app link :
  • Talk people arround our app and show them how its working
Received: 10 Tron In Faucet Pay under 10 Subscribers
Received: 20 Tron In Faucet Pay under 100 Subscribers
Received: 50 Tron In Faucet Pay under 500 Subscribers
Received: 80 Tron In Faucet Pay under  1k Subscribers
Receive: 99 Tron In Faucet Pay if you have over 1k+ Subscribers
Receive: 149 Tron In Faucet Pay if you have over 5k Subscribers
Receive: 299 Tron In Faucet Pay Under 10k Subscribers
Receive: 499 Tron In Faucet Pay over 10k+ Subscribers
Receive: 999 Tron In Faucet Pay over 50k Subscribers
Receive: 4999 Tron In Faucet Pay over 100k Subscribers
  • This is a time intense manual check by human person.
  • Make sure to only submit your own YouTube Videos. 
  • This job will be checked manually by us. If you spam or type in wrong things we might ban you without any further noticeTR

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